The Mossos d’Esquadra have arrested four people belonging to a criminal group as alleged perpetrators of stealing 251 computers from companies in the Barcelona metropolitan area.

On May 25, 26 and 29, the agents arrested four people between the ages of 26 and 56, the most prominent of the criminal group, who had obtained loot that exceeded 200,000 euros.

Police sources speak of a laborious investigation carried out from Granollers that has made it possible to dismantle a criminal group that was mainly engaged in stealing computers from the entire metropolitan area.

The group, made up of about 10 people, each with different functions and tasks, accessed companies mainly in the afternoon and, once inside, they stole the electronic devices that were within their reach.

Normally they accessed the companies when they were open but outside their business hours. The functions of the members of the criminal group were perfectly delimited into four tasks: rental vehicle recruiters, drivers, security guards and executors of the robberies.

The investigators have proven their participation in 34 robberies in companies in Granollers, Sant Celoni, La Garriga, Caldes de Montbui, Terrassa, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda, Sentmenat, Gurb, Vic, Esplugues, El Prat, Cornellà and Sant Boi de Llobregat, L ‘Ametlla, Llinars, La Roca, Mollet, Sant Quirze, Parets and Barberà del Vallès.

In the robberies, they stole 251 computers, cash and other electronic devices, whose total value amounts to more than 200,000 euros, not counting the damage caused in the robberies.

The agents carried out an entry and search at their home in Barcelona, ​​under a court order, and arrested two of the members, in addition to recovering objects with which they committed the robberies. Days later they arrested two others. The Mossos have not closed the investigation yet and it is not ruled out that there may be new arrests.