Alberto Núñez Feijóo feels challenged by Puigdemont. As a candidate for the presidency of the Government, the leader of the PP listened to “the conditions” that he sets to negotiate the investiture, he believes that with Pedro Sánchez or with him, who is the designated candidate, and for this reason his response to the conditions is “no “, and he says it with the knowledge of what the consequence is, which is why he says that he will continue to say not “it costs me what it costs me or it costs me to be president”.

He is not going to accept “blackmail” with conditions that he considers “unacceptable”, and that is why he once again reaches out to the PSOE, with whom he hopes to meet again, even after the first vote of his investiture, and he acknowledges and a warning:  “I know that we have to find a fit for Catalonia in Spain, but that fit will be the result of the pact, or it will not be, it will be the result of the agreement, or it will not be, it will be in accordance with the law or it will not be, and it will have fit constitutional or it will not be.”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo, who appeared before the media after meeting with the Canarian president, Fernando Clavijo, called on the PSOE to “reconsider” and agree to negotiate the six state pacts that he offered, “so that Spain does not fall into a democratic anomaly “. It would be, in his opinion, the best for Spain, because it would gather a majority in Congress that could reach 280 deputies, since Vox has compromised their vote even though the PSOE supports the investiture of Feijóo. A figure that would make it possible to reach “historic agreements to move the country forward.”

The president of the PP does not understand that what has been possible in Germany or France cannot be possible in Spain, and Pedro Sánchez prefers to give in to independence blackmail, approving an amnesty “which is unconstitutional”, and a self-determination referendum that It will be, and that despite what they say from La Moncloa after listening to Puigdemont, the former Catalan president made it a condition for the investiture.

“In politics, not everything is valid”, is the message that Núñez Feijóo sends to the President of the Government. “You cannot accept the bankruptcy of the rule of law, and you cannot accept that Spain is not a democracy”, and you cannot, he stresses, “accept the blackmail of a minority, no matter how important their votes are to be president”. Feijóo makes quite a declaration of intent “I prefer the yes of 11 million Spaniards to the yes of four deputies”, the ones he lacks to have an absolute majority in his investiture. “I prefer not to be president than to give in to blackmail, which will last for the duration of the legislature.”

The PP leader is not fooled and knows that his investiture is failing, although he will continue his round of contacts, with meetings with UPN and the PNV, who have agreed to meet. He does not expect much from his new offer to the PSOE, considering that “the PSOE we knew no longer existed. What exists is the Sánchez Party, controlled by Sánchez”, which he accepts, was scandalized until a government partner, such as We can call a “former president of the Government and general secretary of the PSOE” a “state criminal”, alluding to Felipe González. For Feijóo it is an “absolute lack of dignity that the PSOE is silent before these words”, because, he stressed, “whoever is silent gives”.

In addition, the president of the PP, who confirmed the support of the Canary Islands Coalition for his investiture, warned the PSOE about the intention it may have to also give in to holding a referendum on self-determination, as Puigdemont demands, not to stop before starting to negotiate but for later. His warning is specific: “I know that a reserve must be found for Catalonia in Spain, but this reserve will be the result of the pact, or it will not be, it will be the result of the agreement, or it will not be, it will be in accordance with the law or it will not be, and it will have constitutional fit or it will not be”.

Feijóo continues to insist that “people’s problems” must be dealt with and not “identity problems”, and even less if they arise from the blackmail of some parties that were in the minority in the general elections, the third and fourth parties, ERC and Junts, since the PSC and the PP obtained more votes than these.

For his part, the president of the Canary Islands, Fernando Clavijo, confirmed that he will be “in the great pacts” for all of Spain, and in the demands of what he considers fair for the Canary Islands, and warned that he is concerned that the financing system is used to benefit some autonomous communities on bulls, depending on the votes they have in Congress and those they need. Clavijo also affirmed, in reference to “a hypothetical reform of the Constitution”, that “we do not agree with the fact that there are autonomous communities of first and second class”.