Jordi Labanda is an artist with an elongated line. His characters, stretched as far as possible and a little more, give his creations an unmistakable style: that of elegance in a fashion world. An internationally known illustrator, he has an equally long career and his highly sought-after work has seen the light of day in museums and galleries in Tokyo, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Florence, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. His illustrations have shined in brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Moncler, American Express, Reebok, Zara, Adidas, Pepsi.

As an editorial illustrator he has published in Vogue Japan, The Daily Telegraph’s, Wallpaper, Vogue USA, and The NY Times Sunday Magazine, among others. He has been collaborating with La Vanguardia since 1994, when he illustrated the review of a book by Paco Umbral in the literary pages. He himself recognizes that “one of the most important moments of my career came in 1999, when La Vanguardia offered me to have my own page in the Magazine.”