The experiential company Experientia Group has won the majority of the recognitions at the Eventoplus awards, the most relevant in the sector at a national level, which were awarded this week. The company, with a history of more than 40 years in the industry and which carries out more than 1,800 brand actions a year, has been awarded nine of the 20 prizes awarded, including the grand jury prize, in addition to four distinctions of gold, one silver and three bronze.

“We are very proud of the results we have obtained in these prestigious national awards, of having been the most awarded company for the second consecutive year with nine trophies, surpassing by two those obtained last year, something that was a challenge in itself,” highlighted Jesús García, CEO of Experientia. García pointed out the professionals who make up the company, more than 200, as the true “protagonists of this achievement.” “Talent is the key to being able to articulate our proposal with a guarantee of success,” he added.

This innovative talent of the firm has been recognized at the Eventoplus awards with the grand jury prize for the YouTube Works Awards 2022 project, carried out for Google Spain jointly with Mr. Goldwind. This project has also been awarded the gold award for best show or animation and the bronze award for best celebration event. It is “a totally new format, a project with a lot of technical complexity, but that has broken all the molds by conceiving the first awards ceremony filmed in sequence shot in video clip format,” explained José Ignacio Hernández, general director of Experientia Group.

Another of the company’s newest and most awarded projects is Fantasmagoric Night II, made together with Mediacom for generation Z, which has won two gold awards, one for best decoration or set design and another for best digital activation.

It has also received a gold award, in this case for the best sporting event, the Titan World Series project, carried out jointly with RPM Sports. The Titan World Series will come of age this year, being a benchmark in the world of mountain biking.

Experientia has also been distinguished at the Eventoplus awards with a silver for the best event responsible for Ciberland (for the Mapfre Foundation); with a bronze for best show or animation for CCME 2022 (for Coca-Cola), a project carried out jointly with Method; and with another bronze for the best convention for the Magic Academy Pascual project (made for Calidad Pascual).