Urban music and pop from the new batches of Catalan artists starred in the fourth edition of the rac105 awards where Figa Flawas, winners of the award for best artist, and Ginestà, best album for Vida meva, were the big winners of the night along with Mama Dousha, stage name of Bruno de Fabriziis, best new artist. Three groups that reflect the good state of Catalan music and that take over from The Tyets, last year’s winners and winners again in an edition that featured the stellar presence of Estopa, honored on the 25th anniversary of their career musical.

More than 1,000 people gathered at the Victoria del Paral lel theater to attend the awards ceremony presented by Ernest Codina, presenter of the Matina Codina! program, and meteorologist Mònica Usort, responsible for the weather at RAC1 and RAC105, masters of ceremonies of a gala with many moments of humor, some of great success such as that of Sergi Ferrer who, among others, joked with Rosa Peral and Daniel Sancho, in addition to defending the awarding of the award for best costume to the Barça women’s team.

The music was provided by a representation of artists who have taken over Rac105’s programming over the last few months. The Valencians La Fúmiga opened fire at 8 p.m. with a mix of their best-known songs while the last stragglers took their seats. It was on a stage dominated by a large screen where Alfred García played Llamas en el cielo and Els teus ulls on guitar. He was followed by Jim, winner of the last edition of Eufòria, who did the same with Vine, while his program partner Sofia Coll offered the energetic Q no and Here to Stay. For his part, Roger Padrós played the melancholic El temps on the piano, with which he participated in the Benidorm Fest, before the Figa Flawas made everyone dance with the rumbera Solucions i no problemes, one of the hits of that Calçotada with which the Valls duo has demonstrated their ability to interpret all types of genres with the same vitality.

Unlike the last edition, this time Nochentera, winner of the award for the most broadcast song, was not played live, and the multi-platinum hit has been played 1,848 times before being added to Noctalgia, the Maresme artist’s second album, which Right now he is presenting on a tour that prevented him from attending the gala. Stay Homas and The Tyets, winners of the award for best collaboration for La platja with a mix of reggaeton, mambo, bachata and techno, have also been played on the radio – a lot –.

Els Amics de les Arts, for their part, took home the award for best live show, adding to the one they won last year for best video clip, which this year went to Ginestà for Em bategues, a video with the stellar presence of Marc Giró, in charge last night of presenting the trophy to the Serrasolsas brothers, but not before remembering, without too much shame as it could not be otherwise, his own participation: “I had to get a degree in medicine,” he commented about his role as a doctor in the clip .

It was an evening where there were no shortage of surprises, especially the one given by Andreu Buenafuente when he went on stage to present the honorary award to David and Jose Muñoz, Estopa, who have just released the album Estopía to demonstrate that a quarter of a century on stage filling the Olympic stadium is nothing, as the presenter himself recalled.

“It’s been 25 years making music with my brother,” David said after receiving the award. “During the other 25 we have made a fool of ourselves,” Jose concluded to the laughter of those present. The couple thanked the public for making these 25 years “very easy”, remembered on screen with images of the band’s beginnings in 1999.

Mama Dousha was in charge of closing the evening with Qué chévere and Rikiti, the catchy melody chosen as song of the year, proof that Catalan music and in Catalan has been able to adapt to new musical trends with its own voice and style.