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Within the forest above La Pobla de Lillet we can find this curious and enigmatic spring of liquid oil that the residents of the town know as the Font del Sofre, which we have visited in La Vanguardia’s Readers’ Photos.

The route to the Font del Sofre, located in La Solana, under the Puig Cal peak, is one of the itineraries that can be done in the surroundings of La Pobla de Lillet. Here water with sulfur and oil gushes out, as can be seen in the images.

In La Pobla de Lillet there are at least 35 fountains that can be visited. Another of the most well-known is the Font del Bisbe, in the Catllaràs mountain range, between the La Pobla de Lillet and Sant Jaume de Frontanyà roads. This place is one of the most interesting river shows, located in the valley of the Solls torrent. The water of the stream rises from the rocky ledge from a height of about 12 meters, forming an extensive pool.

In 2013, a chemical analysis of the Font del Sofre was carried out, which showed that elemental sulfur and hydrocarbons typical of petroleum were coming out.

The fountain is scarce and intermittent, but it is still a very peculiar element nestled in this landscape of the Berguedà region.