The National Police have arrested eight people as alleged perpetrators of the “ultra” attack against an anti-fascist club during the La Magdalena festivities in Castelló, according to Diario Mediterráneo. The attack caused several injuries, among others one seriously who had to be admitted to the ICU. More arrests are not ruled out in the coming hours.

The Information Brigade of the National Police accuses three of those arrested of attempted murder, injuries, hate crime and public disorder. He accuses five other detainees of the same crimes, except for attempted murder.

Apparently, after the first four arrests, four other arrestees had voluntarily appeared at the Río Sella street police station in Castellón to make themselves available to those responsible for the police investigation, which began 11 days ago.

A 32-year-old man was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the General Hospital with serious injuries after the multiple attack on March 2, when members of far-right groups went to the facilities of the anti-fascist collective. , armed with baseball bats and clubs.

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