Since CE Europa lost 2-0 in the first leg against Betis B in Seville, I already knew that this Sunday – in the absence of a democracy festival – there would be no other more sacred obligation than to come back in the Nou Sardenya, one of those Let’s say non-war feats that require the participation of player number 12.

Not being Real Madrid – although Europa was the first team in the League to score five goals –, player number 12 excludes the refereeing quartet and includes partners with a silent nature, beer drinkers, unemployed husbands, fans of tripe from Casa Chus – the country bar-restaurant – and a growing number of tourists who have come to Europe to live what they call an “immersive experience”.

–“We need a boiler.”

The captain of CE Europa, Álex Cano, has given a lot for this club and it is only fair that the fans pay attention to him and the Nou Sardenya is a cauldron on Sunday.

But how is a caldera formed? Does belonging to a cauldron of 4,000 spectators whose altruistic objective is promotion to First RFEF exempt from the Penal Code?

One, who is older, knows what a boiler is, precisely because as a child he had already seen some ardor on the CE Europe field: stampede of the referee’s Seat 1500 with a police escort, brawls in the locker room tunnel – especially narrow and dark –, gender offenses dedicated to mothers and wives of the visitor, exaltation of the baldness of the opposing goalkeepers…

We are in the 21st century and it’s about encouraging the team a lot and, like anyone who doesn’t want it, deconcentrate the rival, who has quality, future… and inexperience. Without excluding, I say, modern derangement techniques, within, of course, sports, political and civic correctness.

The promotion promotions of these dates are the poor man’s Champions League and as such they are lived and celebrated. There are no frills here, just philosophy: we promote, therefore we exist. Everything in a double match. While ten thousand people cheered Real Madrid in Cibeles, 80,000 people from A Coruña took over the city to celebrate the return of Superdepor. I assure you that there is no joy comparable in this football thing to a promotion, even if it is to the Second Division and let’s talk about Deportivo, a glorious one.

Coming back from 2-0 to a talented team like Betis B is a sporting task but there is nothing like a promotion to claim the size of the public (not to be confused with a television viewer): turn on the boiler, without offending anyone much, and leaving it for someone else That’s such a nice day when the best one wins.