The new Audi training experience is especially recommended for motor enthusiasts who have not enjoyed circuit driving before. And if that is your case, on October 8 and 9 you have an appointment in Monteblanco, in Huelva, where you can learn to drive like an expert with the Audi Sport range. The course combines three types of dirt and asphalt that will allow you to improve your driving technique and control unforeseen events that may arise in different conditions.

Audi training driving experience begins with a theoretical class that provides the knowledge that allows you to make the most of the practical part. After that, it is time to get behind the controls of the Audi e-tron range on a dirt track, an unbeatable setting to improve coordination and agility behind the wheel.

The experience will also allow you to enter a circuit full of turns and obstacles in the dynamic tests, in which you will learn the best combined slalom and emergency braking techniques. And as a final point, you will enjoy driving Audi’s sportiest range with several sessions on the track in which you will put into practice everything you have learned.

If your goal is to incorporate sports driving techniques into your daily driving, the ideal proposal for you is the Audi progressive experience course. Throughout this year you have three days and scenarios in which to participate: June 1 in Barcelona, ​​June 6 and 7 in Madrid or November 5 and 6 in Navarra.

In this course you will be in control of vehicles from the Sport range, which will allow you to demonstrate your driving skills on a small circuit with intense turns. You will also have the opportunity to experience the competitive excitement in the Brake Challenge, a small parallel race that takes place two by two and in which braking control will be decisive to achieve the best result. And, of course, you couldn’t miss several series of track runs in which to put into practice everything you’ve learned.

And if your goal is to go to the next level of driving, the Audi performance driving experience is your thing. On May 30 and 31, in Barcelona, ​​and June 8 and 9, in Madrid, you have the opportunity to experience the performance of Audi’s sportiest range on Spanish circuits.

Raise the level of your driving, improving your ability to brake at high speeds, learning to trace the appropriate trajectory in each curve and taking advantage of the extraordinary power of the models you have at your disposal. All this with the expert recommendations of the team of instructors who will accompany you on the adventure.

Audi driving experience courses are more than just practical lessons: they are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the pleasure of driving, experience intense emotions behind the wheel and perfect driving skills. An unforgettable experience designed for motor lovers who can enjoy the stimulating pleasure of driving an Audi in every corner, acceleration or braking.