When seeing a boho item it is inevitable to think of Sara Carbonero. The presenter is a lover of this style and frequently uses it in her outfits and in the decoration of her home. So, if you like this style and want to show it off or incorporate it into your home, you are most likely thinking, what would Sara Carbonero buy to decorate her home?  

Boho decor is a style that has become a popular expression of individuality and love for different cultures. It takes its name from the word “bohemian” and stands out for being rich in textures and artistic pieces.

Its incorporation into home decoration began as a way to reflect a life without ties, full of cultural and spiritual richness. You can use all types of pieces and exploit your creativity. Therefore, vintage or handmade elements are often used to add personality. On several occasions, the items are from other countries, as it is a perfect way to showcase the exotic cultures of your travels.

It is advisable, when decorating rooms with this style, to start with a neutral base so that the colors and textures stand out without overloading the space. You can then mix and match patterns and textures to create a unique and personal visual harmony. 

You can also incorporate plants, since in addition to purifying the air, they provide a touch of vitality and freshness that is key to this style. And don’t forget to choose pieces of art that have special meaning to you. Personal photographs, especially in unique or vintage frames, are also a great way to personalize your space.

With the aim of helping you select the best elements to decorate your rooms with a boho style, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have made a selection of featured items that you will find on Amazon.

Placemats made from 100% natural materials. They are hand-woven from high-quality water hyacinth and corn husk materials, which are non-slip, heat resistant, while providing maximum protection for your table.

Natural dried pampas grass decorations to prevent deformation and breakage. The set includes 120 pieces and is approximately 17 inches tall, making it suitable for bathroom or office decor. With its warm color palette, it creates an autumn atmosphere, perfect for adding a pleasant decoration style.

Thick texture fabric, very comfortable, adding a touch of elegant color to your home. It has a hidden zipper on the edge that works smoothly, making it both beautiful and functional. Manual screen printing for long-lasting color, and its tufted tassels bring an elegant look in your bedroom.

Each 40 x 40 cm bohemian pillowcase has been carefully handmade and will give your living room or bedroom an individual touch. These decorative cushions are a real eye-catcher because they are made with natural macramé, so you get a sustainable cushion in harmony with nature.

An original shape that adapts perfectly to any room. Highlight the character of your interior by choosing a mirror with a unique shape. This will make the space you live in every day more interesting. It has a mounting kit and foam spacers ensure a uniform distance from the wall.

The rug is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It is made of high quality materials that make it weather resistant and durable. In addition, its high resistance makes it an ideal option for areas that are more frequented. 

Add a boho touch to your living room or bedroom with this chest of drawers. It is made from high quality fiberboard. You can use the top to place books or potted plants. The natural rattan door adds an air of distinction to the design and the metal legs offer stability and a certain color contrast.

This basket is made of pure handmade cotton rope, soft and skin-friendly, environmentally friendly and odorless. Its design adds a charming touch to bedrooms, living rooms and even nurseries. It has two soft handles for easy mobility without complications.

High quality canvas paintings mounted on real wood frame, a black hook is attached to the wooden bar for easy hanging. Art prints use professional painting materials and canvas fabric with waterproof coating, which can prevent fading for a long time, waterproof and moisture resistant.

Beige rattan weaving pattern can add the bohemian touch to your home. It is made of a very environmentally friendly material and has sustainable and renewable properties. Adds a homey and cozy feel to your space.