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As can be seen in the Photos of the Readers of La Vanguardia, it has dawned with this spectacular candelabra from the Puente de la Armada de Fuengirola, where minimum temperatures of 20 degrees are recorded.

The candilazo is a meteorological phenomenon in which the clouds in the sky show a wide palette of colors that goes from pink to the most intense orange.

As part of the phenomenon of scattering of sunlight, in the morning and afternoon hours, when the sun is closest to the horizon, the light that reaches Earth is soft tones between red and orange.

The Spanish Armada Bridge was inaugurated in 2006, making reference to the Navy maneuvers on the nearby beach.

It is a suspended pedestrian bridge with a central concrete base and steel stays. It crosses the Fuengirola River and, as can be seen in the photograph, it is an excellent sunrise (and sunset) observation point on the Costa del Sol.

In the surroundings of the mouth of the river you can take pleasant walks, on foot or by bicycle, taking advantage of the triangle formed by the Armada Bridge, the River Park and the Sohail castle. And if the glare manifests itself, the experience is even more spectacular.