“When being in love means suffering, we are loving too much.” So says Robin Norwood in Women Who Love Too Much, one of today’s best-selling books. A path that aims to help women establish healthy, happy and long-lasting relationships.

A book that apparently has had a deep impact on Laura Escanes, who shared an image on her Instagram account and took the opportunity to make a long reflection with her followers about precisely the wrong way of loving women. Not only that, but the Catalan influencer linked two other topics in vogue: the demanding beauty standards to which women were subjected because of society or the criticism of women who decided not to be mothers.

“Let’s think for a moment about whether we have ever put aside our own well-being for a love that we knew was not good for us. I might raise my hand first,” she admits. “Why do we continue relationships with men who don’t love us or don’t value us as we deserve?” she asks.

“Perhaps this idea of ​​loving without measure, whatever the cost, has something to do with it. Maybe it’s that other idea that love heals everything, like in Beauty and the Beast, and that if we love enough… And the reality is that it is never enough. We will be able to change the man we love into an attentive, loving and emotionally responsible prince. Spoiler: lie,” he warns.

”And let’s not forget that, although it may seem old, women who remain single after an age are still viewed with great prejudice; and those who don’t have children are seen much worse,” says the influencer, who goes on to give a conclusion: “Perhaps having made us believe that our greatest value lies in being beautiful and being liked by others has made us addicted to validation. to please others and, ultimately, to have a man love us,” he concludes.

“I wish we could apply the speech we have for our friends that easily,” says the Catalan, sharing her thoughts on Instagram. A reflection that she probably didn’t think would fall like a bucket of cold water on her followers, who They were quick to criticize her words, claiming that she was one of the first to perpetuate all the stereotypes she had just listed.

“All influencers, including you, contribute every day to the continued stereotypes about women and imposed beauty standards,” one of the users points out in the comments of the video, explaining that with the bombardment of advertising and constant photos they distort reality all the time. An opinion to which others are added. “Today he says this, and the other day telling everything that has been touched up and operated on. Which seems great to me, but the message is contradictory,” adds another.

Others go further, criticizing Escanes who “sees what he wants to see.” “You promote women’s empowerment that is based on weighing whether the man next to you values ​​you or not. When I think that what needs to be spread is that we value each other,” says another user.

Some comments that continue along the same lines, drawing attention to the same concept: influencers would be the first responsible for perpetuating this stereotype, especially among the younger generations. “Influencers are the first to enhance the sexualization of women to please. But your speech is great for getting likes.”