Controversy over the rescue of the upper part of a rugby trophy on March 17 in the El Retiro pond, in Madrid.

That day, the Madrid City Council firefighters helped rescue the lid of the aforementioned trophy, which had fallen into the pond of the Madrid park when a team was taking promotional photographs because the Rugby World Cup was going to be held this summer in the capital. .

To do this, the City Council mobilized 19 firefighters and 6 vehicles, as announced this Thursday by the Ser channel and confirmed by sources from the Security and Emergencies area of ​​the Madrid City Council.

The controversy has been created because at the time it was argued that it was a drill. The federation asked the firefighters for help to rescue them and they helped them.

The socialist spokesman for Security and Emergencies in the Madrid City Council, Enrique Rico, sees a clear “favorable treatment” in the rescue of a trophy that fell into the water of the Retiro pond that the municipal firefighters had to do, also masked under the umbrella of a “fake drill”.

“We are facing a sum and goes, call her Isabel Díaz Ayuso, call her José Luis Martínez-Almeida, because it is the way of governing of the Popular Party,” Rico condemned in a statement.

The mayor has pointed out that it means, firstly, failing to comply with the regulations, and secondly, putting the safety of firefighters at risk.

In the press conference after the Government Meeting, the vice mayor and person in charge of Security and Emergencies has ironically pointed out that “after the huge controversy of the fake duck” now comes the “recovery” of a trophy.

“This incident initially appears as a drill, and that is how it is communicated to us,” explained Sanz, while indicating that the operation was not decided by the political area, but by the Madrid Fire Department.

“He has no more. It is a singular performance, but an artificial controversy that those who do not want to talk about other less explainable rescues, such as those of Plus Ultra or Air Europa, try to magnify,” he stressed, alluding to the controversies that arose in the press starring Begoña Gómez, partner of the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez.

For her part, the spokesperson for Más Madrid in the City Council, Rita Maestre, has demanded explanations from the Security and Emergencies delegate, Inma Sanz, and “assume responsibilities” for what “seems like a joke”, the rescue of a fallen trophy to the Retiro pond by six crews of firefighters, when in fact it means “violating the action protocols” of the body. Maestre considers that this “could be a funny farce if we weren’t talking about public money and the professionals who should be dedicated to emergencies.”