The triplet of shows held this week at Fira de Barcelona ended this Thursday with approximately 32,000 attendees, according to data provided by the organization. This is the sum of attendees at the Construmat, Iot Solutions World Congress (Iotswc) and Barcelona Cybersecurity Congress (BCC) fairs. All three started last Tuesday at the Fira Gran Via de l’Hospitalet de Llobregat venue.

Construmat, dedicated to the construction sector, brought together more than 21,000 people, which means a growth of 40% compared to last year. “In this edition the show has taken a step forward in its objective of providing more added value, solutions and business to our professionals,” said its president, Xavier Vilajoana. “We are sure that we will continue to grow,” added the also president of the Association of Promoters of Catalonia (Apce).

In addition to the evolution of construction materials, with wood as an incipient element for some time now, at Construmat it was possible to see how industrialized construction is taking a step forward. The practice of building the elements of a home in a factory or workshop and then placing them on the site is moving away from just making single-family houses to building blocks of flats.

Iotswc, focused on technological innovations for the industrial sector, and the BCC received almost 11,000 visits between them. “Visitors have been able to discover that digitalization can take their companies and businesses further, while experts and exhibitors have provided a roadmap on how to achieve it,” said Iotswc director, Marc Tarragó. During the event, 98 conferences and sessions were held with the participation of 150 experts.

For its part, the BCC grew in exhibition space, carving out a space for cybersecurity, taking advantage of the rise of digitalization. It brought together leading companies in the sector with emerging firms, several of them Catalan. The event featured a multitude of workshops and activities, such as ethical hacking competitions.