The judge has agreed, after the request of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, the internment in a closed regime of the minor who at dawn this past Saturday allegedly shot his mother’s partner in the neck when they were in the middle of a dispute , as confirmed by tax sources to Europa Press. Sources in the case have pointed out that the 17-year-old minor had a previous procedure for a crime that has nothing to do with these events, but that he was responding well to the measure.

The events occurred at 5:00 a.m. on March 25 in the Malaga municipality of Estepona. The 112 AndalucĂ­a Emergency room received notice of a family discussion in a house located on Camino Vereda de los Frailes. The alerters also reported that there was an injured person.

Agents of the National Police and health services went to the home, finding a 35-year-old man injured by a firearm. 061 mobilized a mobile ICU to try to recover the victim and transfer her to a hospital, but they could do nothing to save his life. The shot “hit the victim’s hand, because it would be defensive, but it also hit his neck.”

Given these facts, the National Police opened an investigation for which, at first, they proceeded to arrest two people allegedly involved, a minor under 17 years of age and his mother, a 35-year-old woman. However, the investigations carried out concluded that the author of the fatal shot had been the minor while the mother, who allegedly tried to cover it up by blaming herself, was not the material author and was only trying to protect him.

Thus, the woman, who was allegedly assaulted during the dispute by now deceased, was released and the minor was turned over to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office, which has agreed to his internment under a closed regime.

The young man presented a picture of drug use when the events occurred, sources close to the investigation have informed EFE. Moments before the shot, always according to the investigations, there was allegedly a bit of a struggle between the couple and, inside the house, there was also the 17-year-old son and some other brother, although the sources have not specified the exact number.

The woman, three months pregnant, had five children. The victim and the woman had two very young children and she had three older children. According to the investigation, arguments were frequent in the family environment and “the day of the events it seems that they got out of hand.”