Cher has been in the world of music for more than 50 years, achieving success after success. Something that has made her one of the most recognized artists internationally. The Shoop Shoop Song or Believe are some of the songs that have earned her the nickname ‘pop goddess’.

Although he has reached the top in his professional life, sometimes his personal life has suffered some setbacks. And there is something that worries him a lot: the well-being of his children. Therefore, it is not surprising that she is willing to do anything to keep her son Elijah safe from the problems he is suffering.

Elijah Blue Allman followed in his mother’s footsteps and decided to enter the world of music. Being a guitarist and alternative rock musician, he fell, in turn, into the world of addictions. Something that at 47 years old keeps him fully involved in his fight against it.

And in order to fully recover, Cher has decided to ask for guardianship and thus be the only person who can manage her assets. With this, she intends to look after the good of her son, since she sees it as impossible for her to “manage her own resources” due to the problem she is going through, as the Page Six portal has revealed.

And this request is reflected in some documents to which the aforementioned media has had access. Among other things, it appears that the singer has assured that it has been impossible for her to “discuss the preferences” of her son with the “appointment of a temporary caregiver” due to her “current physical and mental health problems.”

He also makes clear his concern that any money that comes into his possession “will immediately be spent on drugs, leaving Elijah with no assets to support himself and putting his life at risk.”

And it is not the first time that Cher has been involved in her son’s problems. A few months ago it came to light that Elijah Blue Allman’s wife accused the singer of having kidnapped her own son. The events took place in a hotel in New York, and according to the words of Marieangela King in a Los Angeles court, it was the artist who hired the organized band.

“One of the four men who took him told me that they were hired by the petitioner’s mother,” his wife said in the statement signed before the judge. This alleged kidnapping by his mother would have been for the good of her son.