The bullfighter Enrique Ponce and his current partner, Ana Soria, visited El Hormiguero a couple of days ago to talk about their relationship and give their first interview together. The confirmation of the lovers in the Pablo Motos program greatly surprised the media’s colleagues, as well as the followers of the right-hander and his girlfriend, since they had never wanted to give statements.

Many say that the couple decided to go to the television space to present the young woman “in society” and that she gain followers and thus be able to work as an influencer, others believe that the duo needs income and some collaborators from different programs have talked about the possible signing of Soria for El Desafío, which would justify her presence in the Trancas y Barrancas program so that the audience knows her.

Nervous, but complicit and determined, the lovers explained to Pablo Motos how they met, how they currently live in Almería and what it has been like to deal with the persecution of the gossip press, as well as hoaxes and fake news.

The young law student even came to recognize that she had to go to therapy to be able to cope with everything that was happening to her. It must be borne in mind that Ana Soria was only 22 years old at the time and she had been anonymous until her relationship with Ponce became public, just a few months after he broke up with Paloma Cuevas.

Although it has not yet been pronounced directly, Semana magazine has had access to sources close to the designer Paloma Cuevas, who assure that she has not had a very good time knowing that her ex was on national television: “It has not been in Absolutely to your liking.”

The presenter Susanna Griso, one of the businesswoman’s best friends, joked on her program about the interview and threw a dart at Ana Soria by saying that “she had been studying law for 11 years.”

After enjoying a spectacular bullfight by Roca Rey, José Mari Manzanares and Emilio de Justo in Plaza de las Ventas, Carmen Lomana gave her opinion on the subject and charged hard against the right-hander and his girlfriend: “I don’t understand why they went to the program, to have empathy for how Paloma must have felt”.

“None of us have criticized him for the age difference or because they fell in love, but rather for the overexposure they had in the media of hugs, kisses… that not even his wife knew,” the television collaborator explained before to ensure that the situation caused humiliation and great pain to Cuevas.