The Argentine producer and musician Bizarrap (BZRP) announced last night on his Twitter account the new collaboration in his Music Sessions with the Argentine rapper Duki. In this way, the great expectation that the artist had generated with the publication of a promotional video has been consolidated, also on his social networks on November 14, where he announced that his 50th session would be published shortly. It will launch on all platforms starting at one in the morning on Thursday in Spain.

Thus, BZRP puts an end to the long wait that its followers have met after their last great success with the Spanish rapper, Quevedo. With Music Sessions Vol. 52 they broke reproduction records, becoming the most listened to song of the summer, surpassing Despchá by Rosalía.

In addition, the number 50, which is the title of the new production by the Argentine, is not a random figure, in the same way that his collaborator is not. The first outstanding song in BZRP’s career was the remix he made of No vendo trap, a song by Duki himself. In this way, the producer shows that he does not forget his origins and pays homage to an artist who trusted him when he did not have international fame.

The Bizarrap phenomenon has been dominating urban music since 2018 thanks to its Music Sessions. The Argentine producer has consolidated his reputation thanks to collaborations with different artists of the urban genre and has made Latino talent visible worldwide. In addition to the collaboration with Quevedo, the producer has a long history of successes such as the session

Bizarrap generates great expectations with its new collaboration with Duki after its success of the summer with Quevedo. The Argentine producer thus demonstrates his great international influence, but also pays homage to his origins, when he made mixes from his room, but few people paid attention to him. The Music Sessions Vol. 50 will be released at one in the morning on Thursday in Spain.