In May 2025, Barcelona will be the venue for the next edition of the Business of Luxury Summit, the benchmark event for the luxury sector business organized by the Financial Times each year. The Barcelona announcement was formalized yesterday in the final stretch of this year’s contest, which was held in Venice. It will be the first time that the meeting, which explores the trends that impact the global luxury market, is held in Barcelona.

This business summit brings together industry leaders to discuss the changing demands of luxury consumers and the outlook for the sector. These days, the Venice event has had more than 400 participants, and the organizers hope to increase this number at its Barcelona event, which will be held from May 18 to 29 next year.

The Financial Times selects a different headquarters each year from candidates around the world. In this case, Turisme de Barcelona was interested in the event considering that the summit responds to the city’s positioning strategy. “It is an important opportunity for Barcelona,” said Mateu Hernández, general director of the consortium, today, when the 2025 venue was announced.

In the presentation of Barcelona as the setting for the next edition of the Business of Luxury Summit, the consortium played the card of the Copa del America or the Louis Vuitton parade in Park Güell.