After hiding it for months due to the lack of strength she felt and the hard personal process she was going through, the Argentine Aylén Milla has confessed through her official Instagram account that she is fighting very aggressive breast cancer.

The one who was Oriana Marzoli’s best friend has uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram stories explaining that she could no longer hide her reality and that hopefully her testimony can encourage and help many other people who are going through a similar situation, especially all when it comes to knowing that they are not alone.

The influencer shared a video that shows how her skin currently looks due to the long chemo sessions she has undergone and the treatment to combat cancer.

In another story, he has shown a video of when he ran a marathon in November 2022, just when he had just received the terrible diagnosis. ”I am Aylén, 33 years old and I have breast cancer, behaved as triple negative, aggressive. I have 16 chemotherapies. This is my story ”, the woman wrote a post that she has uploaded to her Instagram account.

In the audiovisual piece that Marco Ferri’s ex has published, you can see how excited she is to share her story with her followers. As beautiful as always, excited and without losing her smile, Milla explained that she has undergone more than 15 chemotherapy sessions and that it is a very difficult time for her: ”I want to be real and open my heart. I kept it quiet for months until I was strong enough to tell it.”

”I have no hair and I don’t care. I have no eyebrows and I don’t care. I don’t have tabs. Because of my work, I felt that I had to buy a wig, but my purpose now is to help and empower other people, “transmitted the former Amor a Prueba contestant after acknowledging that she has had moments in which she has been crying dragged into soil. With an optimistic attitude and knowing that she will have a great impact, Aylén Milla wanted to present the new version of her to the world.

In a matter of minutes, the social networks of Argentina have exploded in comments of love and positivity towards her. Her followers have left her very nice messages wishing her a speedy recovery and a happy ending to this hard episode in her life.

Among the comments on the content creator’s publication, some public figures such as Eugenia Lemos or Luis Mateucci stand out, but many have wanted to highlight the beautiful message from her ex, Marco Ferri, who has expressed that Aylén is an example to face difficult situations: ”Congratulations and happy that you have shared your strength. I always believed in you. I love you”.