Things don’t always happen by magic. Sometimes, many more than desired, are due to bad arts. David Copperfield, one of the great illusionists, who was even called the best magician in the world, has been accused of being involved in one of the worst tricks.

Up to 16 women, several minors, reported his abusive sexual conduct and inappropriate behavior over decades. The accused himself and his lawyers deny any veracity of these allegations. They call them lies.

The New York Historical Society dedicated an exhibition to Copperfield in 2018 about the magical objects related to the Big Apple that the illusionist treasures. The owner himself was in charge of illustrating the visit during the presentation to the press. There was a corner dedicated to the unforgettable Houdini, whose story decisively influenced his professional orientation.

“Houdini didn’t like magicians, they all tried to scam him…, I know that feeling,” he said then. After these years in which the movement emerged

It is that sensation that, according to him, the mythical Houdini experienced, capable of escaping from water tanks despite being tied. Copperfield, however, cannot escape the shadow that has been gripping him for some time.

According to an investigation by The Guardian, more than half of the accusations against him come from minors under 18 years of age. Some of them were not even 15 years old, although he might not know his true age.

These complaints include the aggravating circumstance that he allegedly drugged three of the women before having sexual relations, making them incapable of consenting to these acts. The claims against Copperfield, 67, go from the late eighties of the last century to 2014, always from this investigation in which they interviewed more than a hundred people and reviewed the police and judicial documentation about these cases.

The complainants of the magician’s conduct coincided with him for work reasons, when he was already one of the most successful illusionists with international recognition. Some of them explained to the aforementioned newspaper that only after the irruption of the

His lawyers stated that “he never acted inappropriately with anyone, especially with minors.” They insisted that his patronage was characterized at all times by “his kindness, shyness and respectful treatment of both men and women.”

They recalled that Copperfield is a defender of

There are women, however, who continue to talk about the experience of being drugged and then discovering the abuse. They don’t shut up even by magic.