The new Conca Regional Archive takes steps forward to become a reality. The drafting of the executive project, with a cost of 240,000 euros, is expected to be completed in three months.

The new facility will be located in the Santa Ana de Montblanc bastion and will have about 1,200 meters and three floors, which will be more functional than the current one located in the old Santa Magdalena hospital.

The warehouses will be located on the ground floor and will have much greater capacity – an increase of 15%, according to the architecture studio’s proposal.

The Department of Culture will finance the project with an investment of about 3 million euros. Also according to initial forecasts, works could begin in 2025 and last for a year and a half or two.

The archaeological work carried out this week on the land where the future regional archive will be located has not detected any finds, so the project continues.

The Montblanc government team will meet this Thursday with the technicians of the Cultural Department and with those of the company OP Team, the architectural studio that has been awarded the drafting of the executive project, to begin the technical work of the action.

The forecast is that the executive project will be completed in three months and, from there, the final cost of the new equipment will be finalized, which will be around 3 million euros, as well as the calendar for bidding and executing the work. “We will have to put out a tender for the works, we will leave in 2025, the project begins today,” said the Urban Planning Councilor for the Montblanc City Council, Marc Vinya. The forecast is that its construction will take a year and a half or two.