Who knows the name of the architect who designed your house? Maybe not the building itself, but surely many know the names of famous architects who have designed artistic and memorable buildings. Of course, the most famous, because then there are architects that no one knows or remembers. Of course, if you do it, you can win a million-dollar prize.

Let them tell Óscar Díaz, the latest winner of the Pasapalabra millionaire jackpot, who thanks to guessing the name of a German architect, won the third largest jackpot on the program, of no less than 1,816,000 euros. An achievement that left Alfonso Arús and his team at Aruser @ s speechless, who did not stop applauding him.

“F: Last name of the architect who designed the Villa Wenhold, in the German city of Bremen,” said the question, to which Díaz answered with his last name, “Fahrenkamp.” Thus, the name of the Aachen architect Emil Fahrenkamp gave the contestant the victory.

A response that, hours later, continues to leave Arús speechless when remembering the moment. “I don’t even know the name of the architect I have at home,” the presenter joked, causing laughter from the rest of the collaborators at the table.

The Arús family resided in a luxurious mansion in Puigmoltó, in Sant Pere de Ribes (Barcelona), which was put up for sale for 2.9 million euros in 2020. An extraordinary 902-square-meter house five minutes from the beach, on a plot of 2,830 m2; with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, swimming pool, a huge garden, garage and all the amenities.

They have resided in this mansion with their four children, Tatiana, Ingrid, Artur and Hans. All of them have inherited their famous parents’ passion for communication, and all four of them work with them at Aruser@s, in one way or another. Ingrid works behind the cameras, while the other three are regular collaborators of the program -Tatiana and Hans at the table, Artur in Sports-.

In addition, the presenter confessed a long time ago that he also owns a small apartment in Punta Cana, where he takes refuge to spend his vacations. In 2022, when asked by Siro López about where he would go to spend the summer, Arús answered: “It is very possible that we will go to Punta Cana. I have a small apartment there, very small, that I bought a while ago.”

“It is a country that I like a lot. Also, since I don’t speak languages, I like that Spanish is spoken there… Anyway, it is almost certain that we will go there, at least for a few days,” added the presenter.