Alex Cobb, a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants, recently participated in a live batting practice session. The session took place at the team’s training facility and was closely watched by coaches and teammates.

During the session, Cobb showcased his pitching skills and worked on perfecting his pitches. His performance was closely monitored by the coaching staff, who provided feedback and guidance to help him improve.

Cobb, who joined the Giants in the offseason, is looking to make an impact on the team this season. His experience and talent make him a valuable asset to the pitching rotation, and his dedication to improving his game is evident in his participation in live BP sessions.

In addition to his on-field performance, Cobb’s leadership and work ethic have also been praised by his teammates. He has quickly become a respected figure in the clubhouse and is seen as a positive influence on the team.

Overall, Cobb’s participation in the live BP session is a promising sign for the Giants as they prepare for the upcoming season. His dedication to improving his game and his positive impact on the team make him a player to watch in the coming months. With his skills and leadership, Cobb has the potential to make a significant contribution to the Giants’ success this season.