The actor Claudio da Passano Gallo, who played an important role in the film ‘Argentina, 1985’, has died at the age of 65, the Argentine Association of Actors reported on Wednesday in a statement.

“It is with great pain that we bid farewell to actor Claudio Da Passano, a member of our union since 1985. He carried out extensive and outstanding work in theater, film and television. Our condolences to his partner, actress Malena Figó, family and friends, embracing them on this hard time,” the organization posted on social media.

Passano’s last important role was in the multi-award winning film ‘Argentina, 1985’, which is nominated for the Oscars for best foreign language film.

The actor played Carlos Somigliana, a prominent Argentine playwright, who played an important role in the prosecution team that carried out the Trial of the Juntas in 1985, in which the military leadership of the last Argentine dictatorship (1976- 1983).

Shocked by the news, his great friend and star of the film, Ricardo Darín, fired the artist with a heartfelt message on his social networks.

“Dear Claudio, how can you bear this sadness of having to say goodbye so early? I hope the emotion of celebrating our work accompanies you on this trip. I am destroyed and grateful to have met you, great companion! Until we meet again, my hug, “he wrote Darín on his Twitter account.

The Uruguayan journalist and sports narrator, although based in Argentina, Víctor Hugo Morales, who was “destroyed” during the broadcast of his radio program, also recalled his figure.

The famous author of the nickname ‘Cosmic Kite’ to refer to Diego Armando Maradona in the 1986 World Cup recalled that Da Passano “had great vitality” and that he was someone so close that last year he starred in the play “El reproche”, written and directed by him.

As the journalist well explained, Da Passano was an actor much more closely linked to the world of theater, coming to perform 30 plays throughout his career, and television.