A radiant sun, a film directed by Mònica Cambra, Ariadna Fortuny, Clàudia Garcia de Dios, Lucía Herrera, Belén Puime and Mònica Tort, presents the arrival of a meteorite that will destroy the earth no matter what in seven days. There is no way back. Mila, 11 years old, lives those last moments of life surrounded by her sister, Ingrid, a 17-year-old teenager, her mother and her grandfather in an isolated farmhouse in the Tarragona area.

The last days of the family pass naturally without tragic overtones. Mila (Laia Artigas) proposes organizing a party and inviting the neighbors to share the moment of the arrival of the meteorite that will end everything. Ingrid (Nunu Sales) is in love. The grandfather (Jaume Villalta) seems a little clueless, and the mother (Núria Prims) suffers because she does not know how to act with the girls: is it worth scolding or setting limits for the daughters given the certainty that nothing matters anymore?

“We have portrayed the end of the world as we would experience it, because as the end approaches you ask yourself what is important for you and for us, it is the relationships with the people we love,” says the quintet of young directors in an interview. with La Vanguardia. When the film starts, the characters have already fully assumed that there is nothing to do, “it is not a film about trying to survive, but about managing the end.”

A management that is not easy for anyone, but much less for the protagonist, because she is 11 years old “and at that age you cannot decide, you depend on elders, and you cannot do things that do not correspond to you. There is a moment when the older sister wants to share a bottle with Mila and they offer her alcohol and joints, but it is not her time to do that kind of thing. Mila has to accept that there are things that she will not experience and that is her tragedy.”

Resignation is part of the characters in Un sol radiant, but it is a word that the directors of the film do not know. They met at university and decided to make a teaser as their final degree project. The pandemic arrived and the project was put on hold. But Ariadna, Clàudia, Lucía and the two Mònicas did not throw in the towel and saw in that setback “a unique opportunity to do better.” So the teaser became a real feature film whose gestation has lasted four years and which today hits Spanish screens.