For the first time a woman will represent Saudi Arabia in Spain as ambassador. Princess Haifa Bint Abdulaziz al Mogrin presented her credentials to the King this morning in a ceremony that took place in the Royal Palace and where the ambassadors of Argentina, Roberto Sebastián Bosch, were also accredited; Venezuela, Gladys María Gutiérrez Alvarado; Guinea, Framoi Mara; Kenya, Nairimas Sharon Ole Sein, and Pakistan, Zahoor Ahmed.

Princess Haifa Al Mogrin, a member of the Saudi royal family, is one of the women who lead the modernization plans launched by the heir Mohamed bin Salman, controversial for so many repressive actions by activists and opponents but also the architect of measures to give greater prominence and freedom for women.

For now, it is the women of the Saudi elite who benefit from these changes. The new ambassador is one of the most prominent in the international arena and she has been the permanent representative of Saudi Arabia to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The new ambassador of Argentina is Sebastián Bosch, who held the position of chargé d’affaires with the Government of Alberto Fernández and after the arrival of Javier Milei to the Casa Rosada, he decided to raise his rank. The introduction of the new ambassador takes place once the Argentine Government considered “settled” the diplomatic clash after a comment by Minister Óscar Puente criticizing President Milei who, in turn, had criticized Pedro Sánchez’s government.

The president of Argentina plans to travel to Madrid this Friday to participate in a Vox event over the weekend. The Argentine president does not plan to meet with either Felipe VI or the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, as confirmed by the Presidency.

With each of the six diplomats, and as is customary, the King then held a brief meeting, in which he was accompanied by the undersecretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Luis Cuesta.

Credential Letters are the document that accredits a foreign ambassador as the representative and highest diplomatic authority of another country in Spain. This Thursday was the fifth ceremony of this type since the beginning of 2024 that the Royal Palace hosts in accordance with a tradition that dates back to the 18th century and with this there are now 30 ambassadors who have completed the ritual that will allow them to represent their respective countries officially in Spain.