The Civil Guard has arrested and investigated 16 people for trafficking drugs in double funds of vehicles from Melilla to Europe. In the operation, 1,162 kilos of hashish were seized and assets valued at more than four million euros were blocked.

The ‘Tocayo’ operation began last year, when the Civil Guard detected the existence of an organized group that, in a concerted manner, planned the transport of drugs from Melilla to the Peninsula, through double funds in vehicles, the Civil Guard in a statement.

Thus, the agents, continuing with the investigations, were able to verify that the leader of the organization was based in Malaga and was in charge of paying for, supervising and coordinating the operations, contacting the drug suppliers in Morocco, as well as with the people in charge. of manipulating the vehicles and carrying out double funds by conditioning the vehicles in the provinces of Jaén and Ciudad Real, to avoid being detected at police checkpoints.

When the vehicles arrived in Melilla they were transformed, fitting them with sophisticated double bottoms to hide large quantities of drugs.

Once the double bottoms were made in the trucks and loaded with the drugs, they were shipped to the Peninsula. Once there, the drugs were transported hidden in horse transport vehicles for distribution throughout Europe.

In total, assets valued at more than four million euros have been blocked, with the intervention of 1,162 kilos of hashish, 84 vehicles, 17 homes and six garages, a plot of land and a piece of agricultural property, nine weapons, 145 bank accounts and a large amount of cutting-edge mobile phones and electronic equipment.

The operation has been developed by the Organic Judicial Police Unit of the Civil Guard of Melilla with the support of the Commands of Málaga, Jaén, Ciudad Real and Girona and directed by the Court of Instruction number 5 of those of Melilla.