A kamikaze driver was arrested last Monday while traveling first on the A-5 and then on the M-30 in Madrid in the opposite direction. When the driver was arrested, her alcohol level quadrupled.

When the agents searched his trunk they found that he was carrying a package of drugs, which was a kilo of cocaine.

According to El Mundo, when the police officers went to remove her from the vehicle she could hardly get out due to her state of intoxication. She was staggering, reeked of alcohol, and had difficulty holding a conversation. She is a Colombian woman about 30 years old.

She was arrested for two crimes: one against road safety and another against public health.

When his state of intoxication disappeared, he declared that he did not know how the drugs had gotten into his vehicle.

The reports unit of the Madrid Municipal Police has requested the images from the company that manages the M-30 to continue with the investigation, police sources inform La Vanguardia.