A judge has decreed provisional release for 10 of the 16 detainees for the massive brawl that occurred last Sunday on a train on Line 10 of the Madrid Metro and at the Batán station, an event that resulted in two minor injuries, one of them by knife.

These are all those arrested of legal age who this Tuesday were placed at the disposal of the Investigating Court number 8 of Madrid, on duty, since the six remaining detainees were either minors or were released after declaring before the Police, they have reported. to Efe legal sources.

The magistrate attributes to these 10 people, of different ages and nationalities, the possible commission of the crimes of tumultuous fight and injuries, for which he has imposed as a precautionary measure the obligation to appear every 15 days in court.

The fight, which according to the investigations had nothing to do with the youth gangs, began around 06:45 last Sunday when the train, in which numerous people unrelated to the brawl were traveling, was going to make a stop at the train station. Batán, where those involved attacked each other with different objects, including a knife that was seized by the agents.

Among the 16 detained by the Police were the two young men who were injured in the fight, one with a knife in the back and the other with multiple bruises. Both were discharged at the scene.