Firefighters are working to control a forest fire declared this Thursday in the municipality of Montitxelvo (Valencia), whose evolution has forced the evacuation of the neighboring municipality of Terrateig. The strong gusts of wind blowing in the area are complicating the work of firefighters.

The fire started after 2:00 p.m. and six fire crews, seven forestry brigades (BRIFO), four command units of the Provincial Consortium (officer, forestry technician, forestry coordinator, sector chief) and seven forest firefighting units of the Generalitat.

At first, an aerial vehicle was also mobilized, although it was not able to act due to the strong gusts of wind, as reported by the Valencia provincial fire department and the Emergency Coordination Center of the Generalitat (CCE).

The evolution of the fire, which has reached the limit with the province of Alicante, has forced the Civil Guard to evacuate the neighboring municipality of Terrateig, the ‘112 CV’ has indicated.

Likewise, the Emergency Coordination Center has established situation 2 of the Special Plan for Forest Fires (PEIF), which is activated when the fire can seriously affect the population and non-forest property, and the incorporation of means may be necessary. extraordinary.