Blinds are a decorative resource that, at the same time, have a very important function at home. Whether it is to block the light in the room at night, to have a little more privacy in the living room, to control the light that enters the kitchen or bathroom, the blind becomes an essential accessory in any room. You can also put curtains, but there are certain advantages that the blind has that I am going to tell you about below.

When you don’t want the curtain to be the star of the room, since the blinds are visually lighter. In a window with a piece of furniture underneath, the best option is once again the blind, in the same way that when the space is small, a blind does not take up as much. They also give more play when it comes to regulating the light… You see that blinds are more practical and allow you more play than curtains. Now you just have to decide which type looks best in your home.

So that you can decide which blind is best for you for that room in your house where you want to cover the window from prying eyes, from El Comprador de La Vanguardia we make several proposals below that you can find at Leroy Merlin. You will see that there is variety and that the prices are very affordable.

One of the most searched blinds on Google are night and day blinds. Their main characteristic is that they mix opaque and translucent parts to reduce the entry of light into the room in which you place them. The Bolero roller blind from the Inspire brand is made of sliding fabric and has transparent and opaque bands. By sliding the chain you can give more or less light to the room. You can find it in various width measurements and in all cases, it is 190 cm long.

One of the most sought after blinds are opaque ones. In fact, combining blackout blinds with curtains is one of the most effective solutions when there are no blinds at home. The blind is designed to be used at night and, during the day, if you want to hide from prying eyes and want to have privacy at home, drawing the curtains is enough, and you do not lose natural light. You can also use it alone, in case you don’t need that privacy because it is a house where the bedroom faces the garden. You have it available in 9 different sizes.

If what you are looking for is a roller blind that lets light in but, at the same time, gives you the privacy that one always looks for in their home, the Screen Puebla Inspire model may be a good option. It is made of 20% Polyester and 80% PVC and allows sunlight to pass through but also acts as a sunscreen. It is in gray and you can find it in various sizes for all types of windows.

This could be considered the crown jewel of this article. The reason? Very simple. Package blinds are the most elegant, giving a classic touch to your home. The beige color goes with everything, it helps give spaciousness to the rooms and since it is not white, it does not get as dirty. But what crowns it is the material it is made of: linen. It is a natural fabric that will always give the fabric a more beautiful drape and will be an added touch of style and sophistication at home. It is, without a doubt, an option that will tastefully decorate your home. You have it available in 15 different sizes.

A proposal similar to the previous one but, in this case, the blind is beige. It is the Salsa model from the Inspire brand and it works perfectly to filter light and also have good thermal insulation. It has a simple and minimalist finish that will give a touch of style to any room in the house. It is also available in various sizes.

Another night and day blind option that you can find at Leroy Merlin is the Rumba model, also from the Inspire brand. It allows you to create a bright atmosphere by letting light pass through the transparent mesh. If you prefer to darken the room with the opaque strips, just slide the chain. A stylish proposal that you can put in the kitchen, office and bathroom. It is available in various sizes.

There are many who look for blinds that do not need to be drilled to install them. The truth is that it is lazy to make holes in the wall, so if you can solve your light or privacy problem with this type of blinds, everything will be faster and easier. This particular one is made of 100% opaque fabric and is suitable for bedrooms. You can combine it with translucent curtains that provide privacy during the day and, at night, to avoid light and sleep comfortably, you just have to lower it. You can choose between 6 colors and 6 different sizes.

It may be the most expensive option for blinds for one clear reason, and that is the material they are made of. The package blinds are made of fabric, the Forum model in white has a mix of linen and polyester. With this type, what you achieve is to give a warmer touch to the room in which you place it. Its fall is more similar to that of curtains and visually it looks more beautiful. You can find it in white, grey, beige and stone and it is in 15 different sizes.

Fibers and wood are the materials that provide more warmth to any corner of the house. Therefore, opting for a bamboo blind will be a success if what you are looking for is that more natural and cozy touch for your home. This one from Leroy Merlin is the Kenya model from Inspire. Even if you want to give your house a boho style, it can help achieve it.

This blind has two of the characteristics that are most sought after in blinds: that it is night and day and that it can be installed without using a drill. It has the Easyfix system, which allows it to be installed on the wall, ceiling or window frame, without the need to drill or make holes. This type of blinds are indicated for folding windows. And it can be easily cleaned with a cloth. It is available in 4 colors and 6 different sizes.