Espadrilles are one of the most seen shoes in summer. They are beautiful, comfortable, you can find them in various colors, designs and heights of the wedges. There are flat ones, but in this article we have looked for the ones with a platform and a wedge so that they are not only pretty, but also stylized and turn your look into one of the most stylish, whether for going out to dinner, for a family gathering or to go to work. They are suitable for all types of looks and situations.

If you are looking for wedge espadrilles, at El Comprador de La Vanguardia we have looked at several websites to find them of all types and for all tastes. The most classic espadrilles, the most colorful, with more or less wedge and open or closed. Don’t miss the selection we have made below.

We start the selection with some low wedge espadrilles that you can buy at El Corte Inglés. They are from the Latouche brand and are at a very good price. They are classic because it is the typical color of this type of footwear, they are made of 100% cotton and beige. They have a simple ribbon closure and the wedge, 7.5 cm high, is not very high, as it has a bit of a platform.

They are, possibly, the most combinable wedges, since the color looks good with almost all the summer looks that you have almost prepared in your closet. And the height of the wedge will allow you to last hours in them without destroying your feet.

It is not a basic but it is another of the easiest colors to combine, in addition to being one of the most elegant options. They say that black is the color of elegance, so these black Bosanova espadrilles can be the ideal footwear for going out to dinner, as well as being comfortable, because, although they have an 8.5 cm wedge, as they have a platform on the back front, they make it easy to hold on to them for as long as you need. And even dance.

They are completely black, made of esparto grass and suede, vegan leather. The type of closure is a bow that you can tie along the leg. You have the option of making it go up or going around the ankle several times, depending on the look you are going to wear.

If you like bright colors and dare to wear them in your way of dressing, you also have a proposal for wedge espadrilles for you. You can find this Skydiva model in various shades, but fuchsia caught our attention. They are made of esparto grass and synthetic leather.

You can combine them with classic jeans and a white blouse, with a white dress or jumpsuit, they can also look good with beige or gray tones and even with the sailor stripes so typical of summer. You will give joy and freshness to your look.

White is another color that, in addition to being a basic that is easily combined, gives an elegant touch to the outfit. In addition, these from Bosanova are made of textile on the outside, which gives it a distinctive touch. The sole is made of esparto grass and has a platform and wedge, so that you are high but the heel is not so high. The interior is made of vegan leather and the closure is with a buckle.

If you like to show off your pedicure, at Castañer we have found these espadrilles with esparto and rubber soles, made of 100% linen that can only be dry cleaned. The closure is with a bracelet that surrounds the ankle and a metal buckle on the side. They are classic and you will be able to combine them with any summer style: with long and short dresses, skirts, jeans, shorts… and all colors, because being a neutral tone, it will not cost you anything to look good with everything.

And if you like the colors but the fuchsia was too much for you, we make another proposal, with the lowest wedge, so they will be wearable on a daily basis without punishing our feet excessively. It also has a platform so that the front part is protected. The aqua blue color is one of the trending tones of this season and you can make several fresh and summery combinations. It will look great with white, since if you choose a dress, your feet will stand out.

If you like pastel tones, try pink or mint. If you are more of a bright person, coral or yellow can be good choices. With denim garments they will also be a total success, and don’t forget the sailor look. As for fabrics, this type of footwear can look very good with fluid and light garments.