Black Friday has become Black Week. A week of spectacular discounts that increasingly encourages Spanish consumers to advance their Christmas shopping and, above all, to buy technology. This is indicated by a study by the Spanish ecommerce PcComponentes, in collaboration with the Rey Juan Carlos University, which shows that up to 72% of Spaniards take advantage of Black Friday discounts to invest in technological products. 38% plan to spend between €100 and €500 in this campaign, 6% raise the range to spending between €500 and €1,000 and 11% say they do not have an established limit.

Faced with this situation of peak consumption, eminently technological, with aggressive offers also comes the concern of consumers that some are a hoax or, directly, a fraud.

Although all these tips may present digital purchases as little more than a hostile lawless territory, the truth is that the omnibus directive that modifies the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and also the Unfair Competition Law, protects the consumer. With this directive, the European Union seeks to strengthen and guarantee the transparency of electronic commerce.

Among what the directive includes, the obligation for companies to host reviews from other consumers and specify how they have been verified stands out. This is an attempt to fight against false reviews and comments.

One of the workhorses during Black Friday is, without a doubt, the price and its manipulation when presenting it in the offer. Commercial regulations in Spain establish that the price of a discount must be calculated based on the cheapest price of a product in the last 30 days.

That is very good, but in the end the consumer ends up being in the hands of the company carrying out an exercise in transparency. That is why the most responsible ones are implementing transparency policies and even tracking systems for their prices.

PcComponentes is an example in this exercise of transparency and on their website they have implemented the possibility of seeing the historical evolution of the price in the sheet of each product.

Thus, when they present their offers on technological products with up to 40% discounts for this Black Friday campaign, the consumer can rest assured that it is a real discount and buy with confidence and peace of mind.