The Local Police of Seville has seized 216 bottles of chamomile, 110 kilos of ice and 260 liters of soda in four “nurse” vehicles that supplied little boxes for illegal sale on the April Fair grounds.

Emergencias Sevilla, a service dependent on the City Council, has reported this Monday on its social networks that it has detected four vehicles full of chamomile, ice and rebujito in the surroundings of the Fair to supply vendors who, illegally, sold drinks in real.

One of the vehicles has been deposited in the municipal warehouses and all the materials for sale that have been intervened will be destroyed by the municipal cleaning company (Lipasam).

On the other hand, the emergency services and agents of the Local Police have treated a 47-year-old woman who went into cardiorespiratory arrest after choking on a piece of meat while eating in a booth at the Seville Fair. Two toilets who were in the place carried out “unsuccessful maneuvers” of Heimlich, for which the woman had to be intubated to extract the piece of meat. In addition, it was necessary to use a defibrillator when entering cardiorespiratory arrest due to prolonged hypoxia.

The emergency services also saved the life of another 72-year-old woman yesterday, who suffered a stroke in a booth on Pascual Márquez street.

“The speed of transfer in these cases is essential. Saving the lives of two people who were enjoying a happy Sunday afternoon at the Fair is the greatest reward for all of us who participated in this device. We hope for the speedy recovery of both patients”, has wished Seville Emergencies.