The Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance officials have seized the largest cache of ecstasy pills detected so far at the Son Sant Joan airport (Palma), seizing 10,900 MDMA pills. The agents also discovered 2.1 kilos of amphetamine camouflaged in tomato cans that a man who was arrested intended to bring into Mallorca.

The seizure occurred on May 7, after a 58-year-old man from Holland tried to enter Mallorca under the guise of spending a vacation. However, the agents of the two institutions were suspicious of the man, who gave incoherent answers to the questions the agents asked him. The agents decided to inspect the two suitcases that the man was carrying and that was when drugs were discovered.

The passenger hid the ecstasy in a false bottom of the luggage, inside his suitcase, and at the same time it was found that he was carrying amphetamine inside four cans that supposedly contained tomatoes. When they opened the cans, they discovered that there was only a layer of tomato on the top since the drug was hidden inside.

Once the drugs were discovered after checking the passenger, Civil Guard agents and Customs Surveillance officials from the Tax Agency in the Balearic Islands arrested the man for an alleged crime of drug trafficking. The detainee was brought before the court on May 8 and the judge ordered his provisional arrest without bail in Palma prison.